Britty - My Vegan Life

Monday, October 23, 2006


I know I already wrote a little about this but just thought I'd share some pictures! Sadly, I couldn't bring a camera on Chip (I would've if I could!!) and Candi couldn't walk the horse trail with our group but she able able to snap the pictures of Chip and I. :P

Candi got this picture through a barn window. I'm in the pink jacket getting ready. :) (Chip is in the way background too! Aww!)

Just meting Chip. I still couldn't believe I got him to ride!

Chip all all saddled up and I'm ready to go! I loved the fact that they let you choose English or Western. I love the look of Western and the little horn on the saddle!

Us coming back from our long trail ride. It was fun! What a good boy Chip is. :)

Sunday, October 22, 2006


I since I was finally feeling better after days of coughing, I made one of the recipes from the new book I just got, ""Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World" (I am so thrilled I got the book! All the cupcakes look SO good!) I ended up making a basic chocolate cupcake and then made a vanilla frosting and put oreo cookie crumbles in it. Though they didn't look anything like they did in the picture, they were SO good! :o I didn't get any pictures of them yet but I will and I'll put it soon. :)

OK! Here is the pic!! :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I had my horse riding camp AND I got the best horse! I got their new Appaloosa named Chip. I wanted to ride him since the day I saw him. He is so cute and a not threatening at all, so it wasn't scary. They have lots of small ponies, but Chip is big and that thrilled me. (I don't mind riding the small ponies, but the bigger the better to me! ;)) I didn't do great tacking him up, but luckily you had someone with you who actually knew what they were doing, and they were able to help. Once on the trail, Chip and I had fun! Even though they (sadly) held a lead rope and lead him, I still got a chance to turn him without their help. Overall, it was fun, even though my hands froze off since it was morning and SO cold! :P

Sadly, there is some bad news: my hamster, Starlight, died yesterday. I am so saddened. I keep looking at her empty cage expecting to see her running around. :( I can't believe almost two years of having her passed by so quickly. It feels like I got her yesterday. I have never lost so many pets in a year, and I just can't believe what our animal ark has dwindled down to. Even our fish tank is looking more empty than ever.