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Monday, April 30, 2007

Museum Of Science!

Today, went to the Museum of Science in Boston! It was so much fun. One exhibit we saw had neat illusions and talked about how the world wide web was created. On the other side, it talked all about your body. They had a machine that used CGI (computer generated images) and you could look through the human body. (It was gross looking through an intestine!) You could also see x-rays of someone's lungs with the start of cancer in it.

There was an animation room filled with cartoons showing how they were made and letting you do some of the drawing. There was even a part where you'd get to talk through the cartoon's mouth. They'd show what to say and then you'd have to say the words into a microphone. Then, you'd replay the show clip and your voice would come out! It was SSSSOOO fun!!

We also found a circle room with camera all around it. We went inside, and jumped when the screen told us to, and when we came out the picture of us jumping was on a big screen! The picture was really funny! :) We kept going back and doing more!

All of that was fun, but the BEST part of the museum was the animal room in the New England Habitats exhibit. They had huge replicated scenes of life-sized animals of New England. They had a cougar, HUGE moose, a doe and fawn, a black bear and her two cubs, and a lot more. It was so neat. That was my favorite part of the whole thing. :)

We saw a lot more but I can't post it all! Check out their website

Monday, April 02, 2007

Feral Cats!

Our neighbor (the person who lives above us) is great! :P She is very sweet to us and the feral cats who live in the woods! It all started by some people dumping off cats they didn't want. Our neighbor was quick to start feeding them and putting beds and little houses out for them. :) She takes all the cats that are not fixed and spays/neuters them so they can't keep having more and more babies. She also tries to find them homes, but most of the cats are full grown and have been living in the woods for a long time so people don't want them. :( Luckily, one of the kittens (I named Cookie!) found a home. She's really cute and I have been trying to socialize her to lure her out. She is getting better but this is going to take a while!

I fell in love with these cats at first sight! There is a very cute one named Daisy that I love but my favorite is Boots. He is a small dark gray with black stripes and huge yellow eyes, and always greets me when I go outside to give the kitties treats. :) I usually go outside and help feed the cats, give them treats, socialize them, or just play with them! (Candi was laughing and said it looked like I had no friends because I'm always playing with the cats! :P)

A lot of the cats live in the shop next to our place, but go outside so people seem to think they can just take any cat they want. Our neighbor's cat, Daisy, was taken by a group of kids and it took her four days just to get her back! Grr! I am so worried about Boots being taken because the kids also took two other cats and keep coming back. Luckily though, our neighbor is going to put up a "No Trespassing" sign so our kitties will be safe from these people!

Here is Boots:

Some of the cats have Feline Leukemia which is an non-treatable disease that can kill cats. There are two stages of the leukemia: "Primary viremia, an early stage of virus infection. During this stage some cats are able to mount an effective immune response, eliminate the virus from the bloodstream, and halt progression to the secondary viremia stage. Secondary viremia, a later stage characterized by persistent infection of the bone marrow and other tissue. If FeLV infection progresses to this stage it has passed a point of no return: the overwhelming majority of cats with secondary viremia will be infected for the remainder of their lives." *1 Feline Leukemia can be transfered by a infected cat to another though urine, milk, saliva, biting the uninfected cat, and by eating together. Sadly, there are some cats here who definitely have this sickness. The cats' life span with Leukemia is unpredictable. It can be from 3 years to 9 months. One good thing is that they have had Boots and Daisy tested and they do not have it! Yay! :)

I want to adopt Boots so much! He already likes the dogs and he loves trying to sneak into our house every time I open the door! Awww! He is short-haired so it won't bother Candi's allergies. He doesn't meow much at all, and also he is just has the best personality! :P I hope Candi gives in...hehehe!

"Give in to me, Candi!"

*1 source: Get more info here about Feline Leukemia

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