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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Recently, I got a zoo books magazine and it was all about sharks. Most people are afraid of sharks. Movies, books, and stories about shark attacks scare you into fearing that you'll be one of the 6 people attacked every year. But after I read this magazine, I didn't feel like I would have Jaws stalking my ankles when I went swimming. :)

Sharks are so different from fish, that some scientists wondered whether sharks should even be called "fish" at all! Usually, fish don't have eyelids, but some sharks have three. The had an upper and a lower lip, then a third that protects the entire eye.
To swim, sharks do not have to wriggle their whole body side to side like a fish. They have a powerful fin called the caudal fin that can give them all the power they need. Some sharks and even swim up to 40 miles per hour. Fish are cover with smooth scales, but the shark has a rough skin. You could cut yourself by rubbing it and that is because the skin has lots of tiny teeth. These are called denticals.

The Whale shark is the world's largest fish. It can be more than 45 feet long. Its mouth alone can be five feet wide with rows of 300 teeth. With a mouth that big, it can scoop up lots of very mall plankton, which is its main food source.

I was shocked when I read about some of the things sharks ate! Here they are: Nails, crates, wine bottles, a drum, a box, necklaces, a crown, a licence plate, jackets, and a suite of armor!