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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday BJ!!

Today was BJ's birthday!!! Today he is 11 years old and looks only 5!

Candi is so funny always worried about him, saying that he's turning 20 tomorrow and is going to get sick! He's not that old yet Candi! He got really spoiled with tons of treats and a new bed so he can sleep in my room. Also, we needed to clip his claws because he's been ice skating everywhere recently! While he was in heaven with his treats, we were able to clip them FINALLY!! I think that makes him feel a lot better not falling everywhere. :p

Our other dogs are always stealing food from him...but today he got his revenge! He went into their crate and stole his new favorite little bones from them. It looked so funny!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Sadly, I come back to blogger with very sad news. Our bunny Smokey has passed away.

Read her story: Abandoned bunny

She was a beautiful girl and very loved. Only a night ago she had come inside and got spoiled with some of Candi's veggies and got to hop around the house! We have had many bunnies in the past years and by far, Smokey was my favorite. It felt great saving her and then being able the teach her to trust us and be able to tame her. I know she is happy now though and she'll be with Beanie and her two kids.


Smokey's day old baby girl

It is so sad how bunnies can instantly pass away. I witnessed this when I went out side and saw her hopping around and then came back outside and she was gone. :( She was an old bunny. She could be between 5 and 7 years old. She never showed signs of sickness and she was happy until the end. What a good girl! You'll be missed Smokey!