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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pick Me Up

I have a book called Pick Me Up. It's really neat and has tons of different and random subjects. One of the neat ones was, What is the meaning of life? Under it, it had all kinds of things, such as:

How do I know I'm not dreaming?

Supposedly, if you pinch yourself and it hurts, it isn't a dream. Well, why couldn't someone dream that they pinched them self?
That was a question someone called Rene Descartes asked. Rene even questioned his own existence thinking it was a dream! Later on, he thought that he could only doubt his existence if he was truly alive to doubt it!

"I think, so therefore I am,"

Pretty weird stuff, huh? Still neat that someone even thought about that though.

Is the world getting better?

It seems like it! We have cars, airplanes, and the internet, and many other things.
Still though, is the world actually getting better? A man named Pluto, who had lived in ancient Greece, thought that we should try to make the world as perfect and flawless as we could. He also thought that there was another world that was called the World of Forms. 1. 'The world of Forms is not a place we can go and live in. It is more like a set of standards we aspire to. The world we live on is just a bad version of the World of Forms. Pluto told how we could use our powers of reason to understand the world of forms and to use our understanding to make our world a better place.'

So, is the world really getting better?

That's just one of the TONS of random subjects! If I find anymore really neat or just totally random ones, I'll post more here! :P